You Deserve to be Happy

You as a child have tried your best for your parents, but you still get opposition from your siblings?

You as a wife or husband, feel that you have given the best for your family, but are still considered wrong about anything?

You, as a leader in your organization, have been taking pain so the organization survive, but you keep being swindled, scorned, stalking your faults anywhere?
or also,

You, as a temporary employee, have worked diligently even more diligently than jobholder in your agency, whose salary is only a fraction of their salary...

You who feel you've done your best, gave a lot of energy, time, thoughts, and costs, but you get no fairness,

accordingly you're actually "saving good energy". because everything you do does not always give results immediately, but also energy savings. 

For example, A and B are both employees in office X. Their monthly salary is the same. But B is more diligent, more disciplined, more honest, more patient with everyone he serves. Though the wages received every month are same, B saves more energy of goodness.

So, do your best. Work as best you can. The orientation is not compliment, and it doesn't have to be all about money. Until when your "savings" has reached the "enough limit to be pay out", you are also able to feel that it is as if God is telling you "you deserve to be happy". And be happy.

Agus Tri Yuniawan